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I create all Spiritual Portraits by hand, and each one is unique.

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Handmade Portraits

Although a large part of this process is automated by the Groja Program ©, producing high-quality, unique and personalized portraits takes time. Add to that the possibility that I will want to ensure customers understand and appreciate its significance means that each image requires a personal touch.

Also, the program contains many options, such as different resolutions and orientations (portrait vs. landscape) and even different compositions. At this time, these options not currently demonstrated in the galleries. If you are willing to work with me a bit, I can help you determine what sort of image you like the most and ensure it is within your price range before starting on it!

Your Personalized Portrait

If the generic portrait of your four-letter type is not personalized enough for you, please contact us to discuss what you might want and how much it will cost.

Thanks, and have a great day!

Factors Affecting the Cost

Following is a list of some of the factors affecting the cost of your personalized Spiritual Portrait:

  • Which version of the quiz you take
  • How much time I have to spend explaining the process to you
  • How much time I spend explaining the underlying theory, and its significance in our day-to-day lives, to you
  • Whether you want any special customizations, such as:
    • Resolution
    • Aspect ratio
    • An experimental composition
  • x

I have absolutely no expectation that creating these will make me fabulously rich, and I am certainly not looking to take advantage of anyone here.

However, I have put a lot of time — years, in fact — into coming up with this idea, writing the various versions of the program, building and managing this site and its predecessors and ultimately the (highly unnatural — for me, anyway) effort required to let people know that this service is available.

And of course after all that, there is the time spent creating a personalized image and making sure it meets your satisfaction.

So I hope that if you are interested, you will contact us and give us the opportunity to create a beautiful, unique, and highly personal Spiritual Portrait — one that you can fully appreciate and enjoy now and for years to come!