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Portrait Here!

For Just $500 ()


To get your portrait you must provide a 50% deposit1 and share your score on a Jungian Typology questionnaire2, such as the one at

Follow these steps:

  • 1. Answer a questionnaire — such the SeeOurMinds Quiz, or a third-party questionnaire such as the MBTI® instrument" — that provides your four-letter type in percentages2
  • 2. Fill in the name and email fields in the form below3
  • 3. Select the four-letter type which best conforms to your results4
  • 4. Copy your results on the questionnaire into the message box below, and send that to me
  • 5. Pay the paypal invoice I send for the 50% deposit

Within a week of receiving of your deposit, I will create your portrait and send it to the email address you provide, along with a paypal invoice for the remaining 50%.

Thank you for your business, and I hope you enjoy your portrait!

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Prices are temporary and subject to change without notice!

  • 1. I currently accept payment via paypal only.
  • 2. You must provide a percentages-based score in addition to a four-letter type.
    • It doesn't matter whether you use the Quiz, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter*, the MBTI, the personality quiz at or some other questionnaire to determine your four-letter type5.
    • What matters is you must* send me your results in percentages, clearly expressed so that the sum of each pair of opposites totals 100%.
    • An example of the sort of result I require is E:82%, I:18%; N:33%, S:67%; F:60%, T:40%; J:45%, P:55%.
      Note how the two percentages for each pair of opposing traits add up to 100%.
    • * If you take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, just send the 8 numbers and  letters — I need both — at the bottom of the answer sheet.
    • If you do not provide results that meet this requirement, I will not be able to produce your image.
  • 3. I will send invoices and the portrait to the email address you provide.
  • 4. If your results show you split evenly, 50%/50%, between a pair of opposing traits, you must pick one or the other.
    • If you did not answer all 88 of the questions on the SeeOurMinds Quiz, try answering more of them.
    • Another option is to try a different quiz5 and get a second — or third or fourth — opinion.
  • 5. Personally, I recommend taking all of the Jungian Typology tests you can find — at least until you get consistent results or you understand why the results are inconsistent.