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The original idea came totally from books, but much of that is now online, waiting for you to check it out!

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Can we talk?

I have always felt like I was on the wrong planet, — do you by any chance know what I mean?

If you know about these four-letter types, and are Introverted or iNtuitive or both (like me), maybe you know what I mean. Even my parents are my opposites in most ways, which can make things difficult.

Either you know what I'm talking about, or you don't.

Like everyone else, I have my own ideas and perceptions. I also have my own questionnaire, which wil be back online soon, and ultimately this is my own thing. And this is the site where I share it with you.

All of this is based on Carl Jung's theories and Wassily Kandidnsky's observations, so there is a historical precedent. My wish is to honor, carry on, and build on the work of my predecessors without stepping on any toes, legal or otherwise.